Dr LAM Fung, Robert

  • Chairman, the ASMHK 2020 Organizing Committee

Welcome Message from Chairman of ASMHK 2020 Organizing Committee

20/20 has always been the goal we strive to achieve for our patients.

However, the year 2020 has had a rocky start, followed by unprecedented challenges both locally and worldwide.

It is times like these, that people come together. To strengthen our professional networks, this year's ASM will be held on a completely virtual platform. We are delighted to have two internationally renowned experts in Retina and Artificial Intelligence, Prof Pearse Keane and Prof Wong Tien Yin as our Keynote speakers, together with over 30 local speakers.

I hope you will enjoy the programme we have prepared for you, and "see" you all online in December 2020!

Dr YUEN Shi Yin, Nancy

  • President of the College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong

Welcome Message from President of COHK

On behalf of The College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong, it gives me great pleasure to extend my warmest welcome and invitation to you to our 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting Hong Kong Ophthalmological Symposium 2020 on December 5-6, 2020.

It has been the tradition of The College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong (COHK) and The Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society (HKOS) to hold our annual scientific meeting in around December every year since 1989 to foster exchange of knowledge and researches idea and results for our member ophthalmologists of Hong Kong and beyond.

Throughout the years, we had great pleasure to have hosted the World Ophthalmology Congress with over 13,000 delegates from all over the world in year 2008 and Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress with over 5,000 delegates joining us in February 2018 in conjunction with our Annual Scientific Meetings. We have also hosted the First conjoint Annual Scientific Meeting - Greater Bay Ophthalmology Conference last year with overwhelming response gathering expert speakers and delegates from the Greater Bay Area.

This year we are very honoured to have invited two distinguished keynote speakers, Professor Pearse Keane and Professor Wong Tien Yin to share their expertise on our theme topic of Retina and Artificial Intelligence. This is the first time that our Annual Scientific Meeting will be conducted entirely Virtual and on web based, please rest assured with the Leadership of our Congress Chairman Dr. Robert Lam, you will be brought to enjoy a most informative and interactive 2 day Symposium on advances on diagnosis and management of Retina diseases.

Hong Kong- a small and efficient city, we have over 390 Ophthalmologists serving 7.5 Million local population. Besides, people in Greater Bay area and beyond can travel easily to HK to seek expert advices and treatment. With the COVID 2019 that temporarily prevent physical contact for full consultation, various online and web based method are explored and discussed in this meeting, especially on how we can make use of these technology to enhance delivery of care to citizens in HK and people around the world and yet prevent abuse or being drown by the overwhelming big data. With the medical and technological advances combined, we envisage more and more blindness will be prevented and eye diseases cured.

May I once again extend my warmest invitation to you to join our 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting Hong Kong Ophthalmological Symposium 2020 in Hong Kong on December 5-6, 2020.

Dr YIP Pui Pui

  • President of the Hong Kong Ophthlamological Society

Welcome Message from President of HKOS

On behalf of The Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society (HKOS), we give our greatest welcome to you all in joining our 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting Hong Kong Ophthalmological Symposium 2020 (ASM2020), our first virtual ASM in local ophthalmic history because of COVID-19 pandemic.

We are honoured to have international renounced speakers, Prof Pearse Keane from United Kingdom and Prof Wong Tien Yin from Singapore, to deliver enlightening keynote lectures at coming ASM2020. There is no denying that Artificial Intelligence will continue to influence ophthalmology especially for Retinal Disease. Applications and advancements of these seemingly futuristic technologies have driven enhanced diagnosis and detection of diseases. While we are still in the infancy phase of truly grasping its potential, it's great to pursue more understanding about the topic at our ASM delivered by our distinguished guest speakers. Although COVID-19 keeps us in social distancing, the technology makes us with no boundary in time and space. I am sure ASM2020 can assist us to keep our eyes on the future ophthalmology.

The HKOS is one of the oldest medical organisations in Hong Kong and certainly the oldest ophthalmological organisation consisting of more than 380 members. Since HKOS was formed in 1954, we are committed to uphold a high professional standard of ophthalmic practice and increase public awareness of common and sight threatening eye diseases in our community. It is also our mission to nurture our young generation to be the captain of the eye care team, leading and safeguarding the eye health of Hong Kong citizens. The theme 'Retina and Artificial Intelligence' certainly helps us to improve public health while increasing efficiency for providers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our organizing committee members for your untiring efforts to this year symposium. We thank every delegates here for your coming to make this conference possible and meaningful.

We look forward to seeing you at our Virtual ASM 2020!

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